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updated 12/2018

a couple corgi pups left available at this time, one litter due soon & we have spots left on the pet puppies waiting list.


Please contact us concerning adults/pups that may be available for adoption.

We may have a rescue, a retired show dog, or even a young adult availible from time to time, that was kept as a show prospect but didn't make our cut, these wonderful dogs go on to make fine performance dogs, and/or a family pet. We also will be able to help you find a reputable breeder if we do not a have what you are looking for. We occasionally have a litter(s) of quality puppies. We bred selectivly to produce show possibles for ourselves and family. Show possibles almost always stay with us, with the remainder of pups usually being rehomed to those on our waiting lists, friends and/or referals. Please contact us if you would be interested on getting on a list. Please be advised we will ask you many questions if we don't know you. Please don't take offense, we are just very picky as to where our dogs go. All dogs are placed/rehomed on a pet only/spay/neuter contract unless otherwise specified. We do not place dogs with pet stores or puppy mills or back yard breeders, don't even ask. We do not sell any dog. All dogs that are rescued, retired from hobby showing, or hobby bred and didn't make the critical standard for show prospects, are rehomed on adoption contracts only.

Rehoming/adoption Fees & Deposits:

All pet puppies are placed on limited registration(means they must be altered, they are not for breeding purposes) & come with a health guarantee. We do not ask different rehoming fees for color or sex, they are all the same per litter. For all pet puppies we require a deposit to hold. Please inquire with us on rehoming fees/depolsits.

Show potential puppies are placed with full registration & health guarantee. For all show prospects we require a deposit to hold.
Please inquire on adoption fee/deposit.

Rehoming/Adoption fees are subject to change, please ask.
Rescue adoption fees are lower.
We do offer a Sr./Military/LEO/Firefighter etc. discount (please inquire).



PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS. If you are interested in more info on a dog or puppy please fill out the form below or fill out our 'Future Owner Questionnaire" (link located below) so we can get to know you better. We would also be happy to email you our pet and show contracts for your review.

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Future Owner Questionnaire