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About Us


About us……….......

Hi there, we are a small hobby group of dog lovers in California & So. Nevada. Most of us have Corgis, but have friends in the show world who own lots of different breeds. If you're looking to rescue or adopt a healthy dog, you've come to the right spot. 

Most of us show our Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s and occasionally will have a litter for show prospects for amongst ourselves & for our waiting list. We feel we hobby breed good quality dogs that will be great additions to any home even if they don't make the show world cut. Our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful and sweet tempered out going dogs that will provide years of joy and companionship. Our pups/dogs are very well bred and can very easily do obedience and/or agility and many go to the conformation ring! Our philosophy is to raise dogs with correct breed specific conformations for AKC/UKC. All can be registered unless they are a rescue and we don't have their papers. All of our dogs are home/farm/and or ranch raised with other pets and livestock. A few of us have horses, some... chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, etc. & all dogs are family handled with love. some of us have small children who interact with them daily, so most are ‘kid proof’.  We all strive to produce, sweet, mellow tempered dogs whom you can trust around anyone, and who will mind you and their manners ;-) Our dogs are house dogs and outside dogs, we rotate them between inside & out. When outside, we let our dogs run in the yard with trees, shelters, toys, treats, ect. We believe dogs are meant to be dogs, they can dig chew or run to their hearts content!  We do crate train them for in the house/bedtime, showing and traveling. There is a big difference between a kennel dog and a crate trained dog. A crate trained dog, sleeps in his crate, travels in his crate and loves his crate-it is his sanctuary. A strictly kenneled dog can sometimes become a prisoner we feel. Dogs need to run and play and socialize. Our puppies & adults arrive socialized. Most to children, cats, horses, small furry critters, poultry & other dogs. We all love our dogs, and try to offer nothing but the best for them. We take a lot of pride and care in every one of our dogs & their litters. Our dogs are very athletic & get plenty of daily exercise. Most are on free fed dry kibble & none are overweight & all are on health regiments with up to date shots & wormings. We feed dry foods, and our version of the 'raw' diet sometimes referred to as 'BARF" (http://www.njboxers.com/faqs.htm).

We de worm/pest control year round with, safe, all natural, Fossil Shell Flour i.e., Diatomaceous Earth, & routinly we also worm with 'Strongid' or "Pancur/Safeguard" pastes/liquids. We've worked hand in hand with our past & current vets, to make sure all our dogs are provided with outstanding medical care. As responsible owners, the health, longevity and well-being of all our dogs & puppies - & the ultimate satisfaction of our anyone who adopts a dog from us- is our first concerns. Adults all have had various health tests. Pups are multi vaccinated & dewormed before being placed in their new homes, & we stand behind the health of our puppies with a written health guarantee, as detailed at the time of adoption. To find out about pups &/or adults that might be available for rehoming/adoption, or to get on waiting lists please feel free to contact us. 

We do make sure that our dogs go to loving homes. We don't deal with pet shops or wholesale dog breeding facilities. We prefer not to ship, liking to meet our new owners, and make sure the puppy's personality is a suitable match with them. We are back and forth from So. Cal., to So. NV., so delivery is just a gas/fuel charge to either location or in between.

In placing our dogs, our goal is to find the very best homes for them that we possibly can. We look for knowledgeable people that are ready, & able to accept the responsibilities that go along with dog ownership. They are very special and require a lot of love and care. We want each puppy/dog to have a long, happy & healthy life with a loving family. We love to stay in touch with our new owners, & are happy to provide any advice & support that you may need as you adjust to life with your new companion. We hope that all our placements are permanent but should at anytime our dogs need to return to us they are always welcome. Thank you for your interest!

Taking a break from work

AWW, the life of a corgi!

Our Cali home is only a few hours from the ocean, so the crew gets to go splash every now and then!!



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